Sunday, February 24, 2019

Invanity Junior - Custom installation


OLD: Mane Lines

Working with Deb from Baker Creek Ceramics

Video production for ceramic production:

Projections mapped for a store front featuring works made in the previous promo video:

OLD: Rail Light

An interactive blackjack table:

Built with OPENCV and TouchDesigner.


Calibrate a table with opencv homography matrices:

Once table calibration is complete, you can manipulate digital animations based upon tangible objects. ;)

Real world chips, one stationary light source. Artificial light source emulation:

Bust Ahoy:

 Projections only where cards are dealt:

OLD: WWU Senior Project

Work done mostly in TouchDesigner:

Miniature mock up for a theatre set piece:

Projecting on 8 surfaces, geometrically correct (the angled images look flat when viewed perpendicular from their projection plane). Achieved with one pico projector and many maths.

Behind the scenes and more:

An introduction to my dream:

Fake silhouettes from video:


Modeled implementation:

Final rehearsal(demo):

Old: KVIK video production work

Here are some old comedy sketches from my video production days at KVIK:

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hello world

Welcome to Studio Invanity. This will be a space for progress. Small projects will be available for sale here. Please contact me concerning larger custom commissions.