Thursday, May 12, 2022

Modified Integza pneumatic motor

Experimenting with the Integza Wankel for semester 3 project at Bellingham Technical College:

^3D printed Fused Filament Fabrication(FFF) PETG^
  • Modified the shaft to be longer and added a spline for energy transfer to a gear(bevel). Not sure how much torque transfer is capable of being delivered. Yet!
  • Modified the lid with 3.25M bolt holes, a wider shaft hole to fit a 688z (8 x 16 x 5mm) bearing, and chamfered bearing shaft hole to clear the 688z's inner race from catching. WORKS!
  • New 6802-RS bearing (15 x 24 x 5mm) required press-fitting. I might reduce the printed dimensions in the future. This solution is more rigid but has more friction than a 3D printed plain bearing.
  • The rotor needs to be sanded, it is too tall by 0.1 mm-ish. WORKS!
  • The pneumatic fittings are too big for the case and cracked the I/O ports. Remodeled with 9.75 mm ports, no threading added yet.
  • 9.75 was too big(wasted time, plastic, electricity). Pictured below, left.
  •  9.625 mm ID with .4 x 2mm chamfer works, tested on a subsection. Pictured below, upper right.
  • The next test is adding threads. I imported the fitting model into fusion 360 from the McMaster catalog.6 mm OD, 3/8threads.