Monday, October 4, 2021


Use your hands to make digital vases that will be 3d printed out of porcelain!



2. My install of TD88 no longer works with my leap motion devices. I guess that is to be expected since I haven't tried to use these together in almost a DECADE...Thanks to this video the leap motion is running again.

3. Figure out what the heck to do next...

4. 10/4/21
Day2: Make it better! Added limits for over and underhangs. Find a way to save to .obj files. The geometry types had to be a certain kind for the points in OBJ files to work. OBJ saver found in the Touchdesigner forums with a simple search.

5. 10/6/21
Day3: Test slicing, it works! Simplify 3d can turn my monsters into art! Tested the UI on Mike and Deb today, it was okay, but Deb's laptop doesn't handle live SOP updates very well. Tested around 5 fps on the studio laptop.
Steps for tonight: add highlights to the layer being moved, maybe a color change. Build out the performance UI to include multiple views (X&Z) plus an overhead map of the hand vs geo.

6. 10/8/21 Added a user interface with front and side views, as well as measurements, and a save indicator.
Here is an exported obj file:

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